Our Facility


Drawing from nationwide research of science and engineering facilities and input from CREC’s Faculty and Administrative staff, Antinozzi Associates designed the new home of the Academy of Science and Innovation in 2014. The Magnet School provides a new 6th through 12th Grade educational facility with a focus on biotechnology, engineering, and computer science.

The design provides CREC with a building uniquely tailored to facilitate the program specific instruction within a flexible learning environment. Teaching spaces like Robotics Lab, Biotechnology Lab, and other specialized laboratories are outfitted with state of the art equipment for an interactive and student-centered educational experience.

Similarly, the Lecture Hall employs technology to support distance learning instruction. Spaces within the Magnet School are sufficiently flexible to meet current and future middle and high school programs.

The new STEM pathways will foster relationships with the local community, civic groups, and the business community; resulting in lasting impacts for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity for early exposure to engineering and biotechnology fields. Unique Aspects of the Building: Aquaponics systems, Robotics Lab, Biotechnology Lab, Distance Learning Space.