School-Based Health Clinic

School-based health care is a powerful tool for achieving health equity among children and adolescents. Their objective: to give students meaningful access to care in a location that is safe and convenient. Onsite healthcare professionals collaborate with schools to address the broad range of concerns and adverse experiences that affect students’ healthy development.

CREC's  school-based health services staff is comprised of a nurse practitioner, a school nurse, a mental health clinician and administrative staff.   The team brings its expertise, resources, and authority to improve the physical, social, emotional, and behavioral health of students.

If your family would  like more information or is in need of these services, please use the links below:

Community Resource List

Below is a link to the list of resources that the counseling team has put together with the purpose of benefitting parents who are in need of programs for their children; be it after school programs, health clinics, mentors, therapy, etc. The name, location, and the contact information is provided under the specified category or town. We hope this community resource guide acts as a reliable source and meets the needs of you and your child.  If you are looking for a resource that is not provided, please feel free to contact the counseling department for assistance at (860) 223-0726 Extension 7750.

Resource List