Pathway Descriptions

Robotics and Computer Science – Keep Your Head in The Clouds and Your Nose To The Ground!

The Robotics and Computer Science  Pathway provide students with a fundamental understanding of energy transfer, the mechanical systems that make up robots, machine automation, and computer control systems. Courses within this pathway are student lead, self-paced, and project-based with the intent of leading students to develop innovative robotic solutions to open-ended engineering design problems.


Environmental Engineering – Be a Force of Nature in Our World!

The Environmental Engineering pathway focuses on the applied sciences to prepare students to plan, design, construct, implement technologies, and systems.  These skills will prepare our students to improve and enhance the quality of the environment, protect public health and welfare. Students in this pathway will utilize skills developed in biology, chemistry, and physics to study issues such as water quality, air and soil pollution control, and waste management.


Biotechnology - Engineering A Sustainable Future!

Students pursuing the biotechnology pathway will focus their study on the application of engineering and technology within the fields of biology and medicine.  Within the biotechnology pathway, students will explore cellular and biomolecular processes and how these processes can be used in technologies that impact our lives.  This pathway will be developed in partnership with UConn’s College of Health, Agriculture, and Natural Resources.