Clubs and Athletics

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Fall Clubs at Innovation

Boot Camp: Students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly fitness routine that will change every week. Learn how to use different equipment and locations to keep your workouts fun and varied. All boot camp classes will be set to energetic and upbeat music. Must come with proper athletic clothes, footwear and a water bottle.

High School Game Club: Students will enjoy time after school playing board games and video games. All levels of experience are welcome!

Programming Club: Enter programming competitions: NCWIT, House App Challenge, Hack A Thons, Plan CS Ed Week... Fun!

Family Tree/Scrapbooking: Learn to research your ancestors and record in a scrapbook.

High School Yearbook: Help create the yearbook for the end of the year. Brainstorm creative solutions for design elements, and make sure that all students are equally represented!

Gay/Straight Alliance

SAT Prep: Open to students who would like to work on SAT problems to prepare for the test.

Women’s Empowerment Club: This is a place for young women to discuss issues related to being a woman in today's society. This is going to be a safe place for students to bring up controversial issues. It is intended to be a place to support, motivate, and support strong female relationships.

Jazz Band

College and Career Prep: This club is great for seniors who are looking to complete their college applications! It is also available to other high school students to begin the college seach process.

Books to Movies: Come discover great books, and then watch the movie versions of those books.

HOSA: The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition.

Middle School Games: Come join your friends for any number of board games, card games, or puzzle/logic games. Bring your favorite game, or come to learn a new game. This is a perfect place to unwind and have fun!

Middle School Yearbook: Help create the yearbook for the end of the year. Brainstorm creative solutions for design elements, and make sure that all students are equally represented!

Show Choir/Middle School Show Choir

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Zumba: This club is for any middle school or high school students who want to come exercise through dance! Students can take a Zumba class, or they can play Dance, Dance Revolution!

Music Recording Studio: Drop that mixtape! Students will have access to electric guitars, electric drums, keys, and a recording microphone. Students can collaborate or work on individual projects as they write their own music, practice, and ultimately record and edit their masterpiece on the computer.

CT Science Fair: Students will have the opportunity to participate in the CT Science Fair held in March 2018.

Middle School Homework Club: Open to students who need help in any science class or need a quite spot to work on homework with support.

High School Homework Club: The Library will be open for students to catch up on work, work collaboratively, and use library resources

Middle School Vex: Teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, and communications.

Culture Club: The Culture club will offer students the opportunity to explore the diverse cultures in their school, foster a connection with peers, staff, and the community through student led projects, events, and civic engagements. As a result the Culture club can be a channel for students to build strong cultural capital, opportunities for expression, and give an outlet for their intelligences that a classroom may not always provide.

Reporting Club: If you are interested in reporting, editing, photographing, video graphing, laying out or designing the school news, come check it out!