-Session 1 clubs run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Oct. 1- Dec.19

There will be no after school programs on the following dates:
November 5,
November 26,
December 10 and 12.

-Clubs start promptly at 2:30p, and students will need to board their bus by 4:30p.  If a student misses the bus, he or she is responsible for getting a ride home. 

- Dinner is served from 4p - 4:30p. Dinner is for all club participants and is free of cost. It is also optional.

-All students need to be in a room after school with a teacher.  If a student is not staying with a teacher in an assigned club, parents will be called to pick them up.  If a student is waiting for a ride, he or she will need to wait down by the entrance with security.

- If a student leaves school grounds after school without a teacher, the student will not be allowed back in the building and will be given a warning. If the student continues to leave school grounds they will not be allowed to stay after school.

- Clubs marked with (HS) are for high school students. Clubs marked with (MS) are for middle school students.