Quad Team - Innovators Robot # 728S Scores Big

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Volume Two  ------  Edition - Choate School  2018  ------ Issue #1 -- February 3rd, 2018


Quad Team - Innovators Robot # 728S Scores Big


The CREC Academy of Science and Innovation VEX Robotics Middle School “Team Innovators” scored well in their first appearance of 2018 at the “Choate Rosemary School” in Wallingford, Connecticut.

With only four members present, “Team Quad” won five matches and lost just one with a final ranking of #8 out of 54 teams present. This gave the team a great overall ranking for this season. The way teams score is by getting more mobile goals and cones “In the Zone” in just two minutes.  The team members were Matt Sprouse, Daniel Padilla, Shazia Syed and Sadia Syed who all showed their skills in guiding the team’s robot #728S to a substantial victory today.  Matt scored four terrific wins and Daniel had perfect skills winning one match. Daniel also scored well in a special robot skills field competition. Team Innovators have been working on this robot design all season.

Shazia and Sadia Syed took the initiative to scout around the venue investigating the other teams’ designs and then drew sketches and took photographs for possible new robot designs for our debriefing session next week. The team also submitted a Vex engineering journal to the judges they have been working on all season. What a terrific accomplishment for a middle school team competing against mostly high school students in this VEX qualifying round for the Southern New England Regional Competition!

The team was supported this day by attending parents Mr. and Mrs. Martin-Sprouse and family and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Syed and family, Ms. Amaturo and family.

 Mr. Wilson, the team’s coordinator, is extremely proud of this quad team of students who worked so hard and played such an important role in the day’s success! “GO TEAM INNOVATORS”.

We currently have VEX fields set up in our school room 191 and in Dr. Po’s room. This helps the teams tremendously in practice sessions. Stop down any time to see how the game is played!


Team Innovators Future Events Planned-

*The team will be submitting a request to enter the Southern New England Regional Championships next month because of their outstanding performance at Choate-Rosemary School.

*Check the VEX competitions at this link: vexrobotics.com

* You can stay up to date and even minute to minute with all the Vex competition scores by

   downloading the Vex app on your cell phone at vexvia.